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Welcome to Michelle K Jamieson!

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

We are delighted to welcome into the Luna Family, Michelle K Jamieson. Michelle will be the first author to publish in our non-genre non-fiction project, still a branch of Academia Lunare.

We've asked Michelle to introduce herself to our family and friends:

"Hello! I’m Michelle Jamieson, a working-class, Glaswegian, community psychologist, and current PhD Candidate in Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow. I have personal experience of living with complex mental health difficulties, as well as caring for others, and it has been this that has driven and informed my work. I am active in my local community, and in my spare time, I like to think of myself as an amateur artist, true crime sleuth, and semi-outdoor person, and now a writer. If I can make even a tiny improvement in the community, then that’s a start."

And we believe wholeheartedly that Michelle is in fact making a difference. Through her studies and her research Michelle has been looking at very important issues of our society.

It was one of her dissertations that caught our eye.

The Austerity Cure: The Impact of Benefit Sanctions on Mental Health

We believe it is the kind of research that can help our society, as it allows us to reflect on where we are and how we view our fellow humans.

Michelle explained about her dissertation:

"The impact of benefit sanctions on mental health and self-care been little debated, yet there is clear evidence linking to mental, physical, and social damage. Talking to people who have experienced this situation can provide useful information, including the factors that compounded poor mental health, and subsequent self-care choices. This information may help others in the same position."

Michelle's work will be published next year, and you can follow the progress on our "Books in Progress" page.

Discover more about Michelle and her work through her social media sites:

Twitter: @themichjam



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