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CL Farley: Welcome to the Luna Family!

We are delighted to welcome South African author CL Farley to the Luna Family! CL's fantasy novella, The Invisible Girl, will be published as part of the Luna Novella series in 2024.

Luna has acquired WEL rights from Bieke van Aggelen at African Literary Agency, and we are very excited to be working together.

CL Farley is a South African storyteller who favours speculative fiction and neurodiverse narratives. The Invisible Girl focuses on these issues through the life of Maggie, who although inhabits a fictional South African reality, is very much dealing with a world that is real to her.

Maggie survived an apocalypse of hungry shadows by becoming invisible, but she drowned during a violent telepathic assault. Afterwards, she was exiled by the community she once called family. Living on the edge of Bloemfontein, South Africa, Maggie scavenges for scraps and grapples with the unreality, a collection of strange visions and slippery thoughts caused by the telepathic attack. When she's approached by strangers who claim Maggie can destroy the shadow monsters, she faces a dilemma: are these people real, and if so, how can she ensure they stay with her forever?

CL on the novella:

"The Invisible Girl is about seeing the world differently, and society's tendency to 'other' people who make them uncomfortable. Many different ideas and experiences inspired this story: life in a backwater city, victim shaming and the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and the search for community in a world that doesn't tolerate strangeness well."

Follow our newsletter to find out the progress of this story. Our editors are very excited to work with CL!

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