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Gears of Change now in Pre-order!

Book III of Anthony Laken's Infinity Machine Series, Gears of Change, is now available for pre-order.

One Cog Turning, Book I of the series, was nominated for the Gemmell Awards - Morningstar, the debut category. This is a rip-roaring Steampunk fantasy adventure, featuring a cast of foul-mouthed, irreverent and memorable oddballs. Cover art for the trilogy by the amazing Jay Johnstone!

While you wait, you can catch up with the first 2 books - the bundle is cheaper as well!

About Book I - One Cog Turning:

Bellina Ressa, daughter of the Lord Chancellor, has lived a sheltered life. Shunned by the rest of the nobility due to her Cognopathic abilities, she has become strong-willed and independent. But in the blink of an eye, she finds herself betrothed to the arrogant Elvgren Lovitz and on a diplomatic mission to save the Estrian empire.   Joined on this perilous quest by her fiancé and the resolute Major Cirona Bouchard, Bellina is about to discover that intrigue lurks just beneath the surface and danger lies in wait around every corner.    About Book II - On Dark Horizons:

After the events of the previous weeks, which led to the decimation of an entire city, Lady Bellina Ressa must return to the man she once called father, with more questions than answers. The most powerful cognopath of the Estrian Empire is now trapped in a game of political strategies and power struggles, unsure of who to trust. They made her do it. They removed her restraint. They turned her into Death. And now Death is coming for them.

About Gears of Change:

Then the City of the Dead shall come to life, and the time of Terrors begin again.

In the shadow of this prophecy, the final game is set to determine the fate of the Estrian empire.

Lady Bellina Ressa has gone through the twelve hells and back to retrieve a book – the key to bringing the bloody reign of Marmossa to an end. The Radiana Magnifica contains all the forgotten history of the world. It is a puzzle inside a puzzle, created to test those worthy of the knowledge within. 

As well as cracking the code, she must fight for possession of the relic of the First One, which contains untold quantities of Sortilenergy.

She is the most powerful Cognopath in the land, but it is not enough against ancient magic. And so Bellina gathers her army: a newly awakened mage, one with Amlith’s blood, a healer, a warrior, a scholar, a thief, a father, a lover, and a fallen king.

But as different destinies intertwine, the mission begins to falter. 

The end is nigh. Join the adventurous finale of The Infinity Machine series!

About the author:

Anthony Laken is the Gemmell's nominated author of One Cog Turning, Book I of The Infinity Machine trilogy. He writes SF, steampunk and fantasy novels and short stories. He lives in the grey twilight of South East London with his fiancé and son. You can follow him on Twitter: @ajlaken 


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