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Worlds Apart. Canada’s Fantasy Worlds: Exploring Worldbuilding in Urban Fantasy

Luna's fifth Call for Papers, Worlds Apart: Worldbuilding in Fantasy and Science Fiction is now in pre-order and will be released on Tuesday 27th of July. Here is a chance to discover the 14 brilliant papers you will find in the book in the order they appear.

Today, we would like to introduce you to Ellen Forget, presenting the paper: "Canada’s Fantasy Worlds: Exploring Worldbuilding in Urban Fantasy"


Worldbuilding has always been an important piece of writing fantasy, and urban authors have an interesting challenge – to keep readers engaged in a fantasy world seemingly set on the Earth we already know. The challenge therein comes from needing to make the fantastical elements introduced to the world plausible and, most of all, believable to the reader who is already familiar with the overall setting. Some authors do this by having their stories set in a fictional place on our Earth and others choose to use existing cities, highlighting important landmarks as parts of their story. This paper focuses on questions of style and worldbuilding technique for authors writing urban fantasy set in various parts of Canada.

Ellen Forget is a PhD student at University of Toronto in the Faculty of Information and Book History and Print Culture program, and she is a graduate of the Master of Publishing program at Simon Fraser University. Her research interests include speculative fiction, digital readership, and small press publishing. She also works as a freelance fiction editor specializing in science fiction and fantasy.

Worlds Apart: Worldbuilding in Fantasy and Science Fiction

is now in pre-order!


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