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Surrounded by Eggs

Anibal J. Rosario Planas

Writer. Joined LPP in 2016.

Aníbal J. Rosario Planas was born January 2, 1982 in Ponce, Puerto Rico. A professional in Business Administration and Communications who dedicates most of his free time to various art expressions. Not only is he a self-taught drummer, but he has developed as a writer in a period that expands more than a decade. He started writing poems and songs and later, short stories and novels.

Rosario Planas is the first Puerto Rican to publish a book completely dedicated to the Steampunk genre. He is the creator of the Steampunk series ATLAS CENTRI, that includes the books Sobre Comienzos Fortuitos and Sobre Pasados Conflictivos, plus a comic book titled Mecanismos Imperfectos and the short story Mecanismos Perfectos.

He is currently working on the conclusion to the ATLAS CENTRI series, plus two other books non-related to Steampunk.

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