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Surrounded by Eggs

Anna Thayer

Writer. Joined LPP in 2016.

Anna Thayer is a teacher by day, writer by night, and mum all of the time. She is the author of the fantasy trilogy ‘The Knight of Eldaran’ and coauthor with Peter Gladwin of ‘Out of the Darkest Place’ (both published by Lion Hudson). In addition, she has done spells as an editor (PortalEditions’ book ‘Doors in the Air: C. S. Lewis and the Imaginative World’), an operetta librettist (on Nick Planas’ ‘Marionette’) and lectures frequently on the works of Tolkien. Unsurprisingly, she teaches English. She is married to a wonderful Canadian and has two small children.

Find out more about Anna’s work on her website and follow her on Twitter: @AnnaThayer8.

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