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Surrounded by Eggs

César Santivañez

Writer. Joined LPP in 2016.

Comic book script writing teacher at the Mostron Comics workshop (2009-2011). In Peru, he published several articles about script writing in magazines such as Huaico, Lima Gris and Artefacto. In Spain, he collaborated in magazines such as Exégesis and Gibralfaro (Faculty of Humanities, University of Málaga). He participated as a conceptual artist in the “Comics en Edición Limitada” exhibition (Lima, 2010) and in the “Panóptica 3.5” exhibition (Lima, 2014). His graphic novel “Las moscas no vuelan de noche” (Contracultura, 2010) has been on sale at the 30th Barcelona’s international comic fair. Finalist to the “En amor a dos” literary contest (Spain, 2014) and honorable mention at the 11th PUCP Comic Contest (Lima, 2014). Nowadays he works as a writer for the “Panóptica” (Dogma Editorial) and “La Chola Power” (Perú.21) comic book series. He teaches narrative, script writing and character design courses at Toulouse Lautrec and San Ignacio de Loyola institutes (Lima). He’s also the head writer of the  comic book themed blog of the Perú.21 journal.

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