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Surrounded by Eggs

Daniele Azara

Writer. Joined LPP in 2017.

Daniele has been a game designer since the days of Quake. He collaborated in the launch of dozens of games, distributed in every corner of the Earth, played by millions of people on PC, home consoles, mobile devices and AR/VR technologies, of which is an enthusiastic scholar.

He has always been active in visual effects and advertising with his own companies, was nominated at the Italian Oscars, “David di Donatello”, and has been awarded the Gold Star in “Grand prix of communication”.

He has run courses in Game Design at the Master in Multimedia & New Languages in Florence, as well as at the European Design Institute (IED) of Rome, and Link Campus, Vigamus Academy, where he currently leads the development labs.

He works mainly as a consultant, is married and has a young boy. He lives in Rome and travels a lot.

Children of Mu is the first book from the “Children of Mu” RPG alternate-history universe he started creating in 1997.


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