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Surrounded by Eggs

Francesco Verso

Writer. Joined LPP in 2019.

Francesco Verso (Bologna, 1973) is one of the most interesting authors of contemporary Italian Science Fiction. Over the last ten years he has won many SF awards and for 5 years he’s been the editor of Future Fiction. His books include: Antidoti umani, e-Doll (Urania Mondadori Award, 2009), Livido (Odissea and Italia Award for Best SF Novel, 2013), Bloodbusters (Urania Mondadori Award, 2015) and I camminatori Book I The Pulldogs and Book II No/Mad/Land (Future Fiction, 2018.) His novel Livido – translated in English by Sally McCorry as Nexhuman – has been published by Apex Books in 2018.

His short stories appeared in many Italian genre magazines like “Robot”, “iComics”, “Fantasy Magazine”, “Futuri”. They have also been sold abroad to “International Speculative Fiction #5”, “Chicago Quarterly Review #20”, “Future Affairs Administration”.

He has translated from English in Italian the works of Robert J. Sawyer, James Patrick Kelly, David Marusek, Ken Liu and others.

Together with Bill Campbell he has co-edited, Future Fiction: New Dimensions in International Science Fiction (Rosarium Publishing, 2018). He’s currently editing an International SF anthology for the Chinese publisher Guangzhou Blue Ocean Press that will be distributed to Chinese High Schools and Universities in 2019.

He’s also a public speaker and panelist to many SF Cons across the world, included WorldCon 2014 in London, Eurocon 2015 in Barcelona, WorldCon 2017 in Helsinki, the 4th International SF Con in Chengdu (China), the 1st Asia Pacific SF Con in Beijing (China), ReaderCon in Boston 2018. In 2014 he also attended to the Cambridge SF Writers Workshop.

Since 2014 he works as Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Future Fiction, a multicultural project, publishing the best SF in translation from 8 languages and more than 20 countries with authors like James P. Kelly, Ian McDonald, Ken MacLeod, Clelia Farris, Ken Liu, Xia Jia, Liu Cixin, Chen Qiufan, Pat Cadigan, Olivier Paquet, Vandana Singh, Fabio Fernandes, Ekaterina Sedia and others. He lives in Rome with his wife and daughter. He may be found online at


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