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Surrounded by Eggs

Jean Bürlesk

Writer. Joined LPP in 2019.

Jean Bürlesk is a storyteller. He writes, he reads, he acts, he makes jokes nobody understands. He would sing and dance, but he has no sense of rhythm or melody. Sometimes he still sings and dances. As a Luxembourger and a lover of words, he expresses himself in five recognizable languages, as well as the usual nonsense. He’s a terrific guide, unless of course he’s not and people just don’t have the heart to tell him.

The manuscript of his short story collection The Pleasure of Drowning was awarded the Prix d’Encouragement de la Fondation Servais 2019.


European SF Society Award 2020: Chrysalis Award for Young Writers (The Pleasure of Drowning)

Prix d’Encouragement de la Fondation Servais 2019 (The Pleasure of Drowning)

Official website:
and you can follow Jean on Facebook and Twitter: @JBurlesk

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