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Surrounded by Eggs

Pippa Goldschmidt

Writer. Joined LPP in 2019.

Pippa Goldschmidt lives in Edinburgh and Berlin, she has a background in astronomy and is an Honorary Fellow at the Science, Technology and Innovation Studies unit at the University of Edinburgh. In 2020 she co-edited (with Drs Gill Haddow and Fadhila Mazanderani) Uncanny Bodies; a specially commissioned anthology of fiction and essays responding to Freud’s uncanny, and published by Luna Press. Her most recent books are the non-fiction essay Night Vision (Broken Sleep Books) and a short story collection about women in science; Schrödinger’s Wife (and other possibilities) (Goldsmiths Press/Gold SF).

Her work has been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 as well as appearing in ArtReview, Tamarind, BBC Sky At Night magazine, the Times Literary Supplement, Gutter and Magma.

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