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Surrounded by Eggs

Terry Grimwood

Writer. Joined LPP in 2020.

Writer, electrician, college lecturer, actor, amateur theatre Director and musician, Terry Grimwood has a number of published novels and novellas under his belt,  include Bloody War, Axe, Deadside Revolution, The Places Between, and Joe. His short fiction has appeared in many anthologies and magazines and has been collected in two volumes, The Exaggerated Man and There Is A Way To Live Forever. He Directed the first performances of his own plays, The Bayonet, Tattletale Mary and Tales From The Nightside. These scripts are (or will be in the near future) available from theEXAGGERATEDpress. As well as fiction, Terry has co-written a number of engineering and electrical installation text books. He likes to misquote the legendary Football manager Bill Shankley by claiming that writing is not about life and is much more important than that.

Terry runs the following:


The Exaggerated Reviews 

Wordland Magazine

Terry can be contacted via Facebook

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