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Surrounded by Eggs

Valerio Vitantoni

Artist, Writer, Illustrator. Joined LPP in 2018.

He lives and works in Italy where he has always been an artist, illustrating stories for friends or making portraits in pencil and coloured pastels. Since childhood he has always dreamed of illustrating fairytales - his inspirations are Maja Dusikova, Beatrix Potter and Jill Barklem.

Passionate about European fairytales and legends, especially those of Central Europe, the Alps and Alto Adige, Valerio is interested in customs and traditions of the European nineteenth century, but also legendary historical figures such as the empress Elisabeth of Austria and King Ludwig II of Bavaria. He writes articles for his blog dedicated to this, called "The World of Sissi", and runs a historical group on Facebook, called "The Nineteenth Century of Sissi and Ludwig II". Recently he has published a book with Mursia publishing house in Milan, concerning Empress Sissi's visits to Trentino-Alto Adige.

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