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Luna Press First Birthday Dinner

What a magnificent evening we had last night. I cannot imagine spending Luna's first birthday in any other way, except surrounded by wonderful and talented people. In fact, we were all so busy talking (and eating and drinking) that no one took a picture of the dinner!

Senior Editor Robert S Malan and I, had the pleasure of dining with Montague Chambers, Barbara Stevenson, Anthony Laken, Simon Walpole, Joseph Degand and James Agombar, some of our talented writers and artists and their lovely sisters, brothers and partners. We took over a large table at Hanam's, on the Royal Mile, sampling tasty Kurdish food and middle-eastern desserts. Truly a treat. Afterwards, we moved the party to an old style Scottish establishment, The Kings Arms, where we did remember to take a picture, though by then we had lost a few members.

We had such a good time that we re-started the party this morning - feeling a bit delicate I must admit - and concluded the celebration with a last lunch together.

I cannot thank you enough for coming all the way to Edinburgh to celebrate our journey together. The Luna Team wishes every hapiness and success to our writers and artists and their families.

I wonder what will happen next year!


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