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"Quest & The Sign of the Shining Beast" Official book launch announcement!

Step inside, deep into the heart of it. Where the blood stream flows. The hidden reaches. This you will see – a darkness in mind.

Quest: He awakes in a cavern. A single shaft of light. A strange and dangerous world. No memory and no guide, except for a lone voice urging him on, ever forward. Toward the demon.

And all the while, death lurks behind, stalking …

The Sign of the Shining Beast: At night I dream, the endless sleep, and it always ends as it begins.

Here lies the twilight realm of forgotten tomorrows. It is what was … could be … never was.

Two tales. Two journeys. A single, fractured dream.

A new dark fantasy series, marrying storytelling with vivid artwork to create an experience like no other.

Book Launch Eastercon 2016, Mancunicon.

Official launch date 29/03/2016.

Pre-order package: Discounted signed copy at £12.99 plus

an exclusive art print from the book. Go to the Bookstore!

“… a breathless ride into the realms of spirit, wonder, and terror. The words are sharp, the images sublime, the experience unique … not to be missed.”

Ian Whates

“Cockshaw's visually haunting images perfectly suit Malan's enthralling storytelling.”

Jay Johnstone

“Epic and haunting. Viscerally realised ...”

Ricardo Pinto

“I haven’t encountered anything quite like it before … a darkly epic and nightmare voyage. A quite extraordinary feat of the imagination.”

Jim Burns


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