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'The Guardian's Trail' Book Launch Announcement

March has long been my personal "book release time of the year"; it's a month of transition and of beginnings, the perfect time for closing one project and starting a new one. The teen sci-fi adventure series Tijaran Tales, has kept me and you, Tijaran lovers, busy since 2011. This year sees the release of book five, 'The Guardian's Trail', perhaps my most emotionally invested instalment - I was crying at the end of this one; imagine what I will do next year, when the final volume is released!

Julius and his friends have become part of my life, as happens with authors and their characters, and knowing that we are getting to the end of the journey is truly heartbreaking.

Once again I must thank the talented Jay Johnstone for the truly stunning cover art. Every year he has surprised me with a drawing that would reflect the spirit of the book, and this year is definitely no exception. Thank you Jay!

The book will be on general release on the 30th of March, with Eastercon 2016 being the official book launch, as per tradition.

You can pre-order your signed copy through the Luna store, for £7.00 (regular price £8.99).

And now, let me leave you with the official book trailer, produced by John Cockshaw.

I can't hide my feelings, my friends: I am so happy and proud of this achievement, and I am truly grateful you have stuck with me so far. Thank you!


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