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New Call For Papers!

Our very first call for paper is officially open! This first project will deal with "Gender identity and sexuality in Fantasy and Science Fiction: do we have a problem?"

Writers are invited to explore the current situation with all the pros and cons. Here is some food for thought, though it should not restrict your own ideas:

1. It isn't just the film industry that is male-dominated, and whenever a female lead is involved, it rarely goes beyond “I'm a girl doing what a man does."

2. Are kick-ass women drowning in tropes (slinky suits or crying baby)?

3. What constitutes a real strong woman?Are gender roles expandind, or are we still stuck in the old ways?

4. Are gender identities well served? How are they portrayed and received?

5. Are we capable of writing SF without the biases of current understandings of gender?

6. Are LGBTQ relegated to special episodes, or one off situations?

7. Do we have a problem? Origins, reasons and solutions - you don't necessarily need to explore all three in one paper.

8. Are asexual and agender groups under-represented?

You can find all the info here.

This is a great opportunity to engage in non-fiction, so don't be shy and speak your heart out. We'll be waiting!


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