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A J Dalton Joins the Luna Family

Meet A J Dalton! Our new author will be enriching the Academia Lunare section with the exegesis "The sub-genres of British fantasy literature", from his PhD in Creative Writing. From Homer, to Wells, to Polidori and Tolkien, there is a lot to learn in this accessible essay.

We asked Adam to tell us more about his work: "The PhD was fundamentally written to show how meaningful the genre of fantasy literature is. Each sub-genre (e.g. high fantasy, epic fantasy, urban fantasy, grimdark fantasy, etc) reflects or reacts against the dominant social and political values of its time (often a decade or so). Implicitly, each distinct sub-genre is also an exploration of a distinct philosophy. Finally, such terms and concepts are used to site and describe the sub-genre of 'metaphysical fantasy', which I coined back in 2008 when launching the novel Necromancer's Gambit and the Metaphysical Fantasy website, a sub-genre which is now one of the standard categories in Amazon."

"The history and emerging sub-genres of British fantasy" will be out in 2017.


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