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Book Awards Nominations: Have Your Say!

It's that "nomination" time of the year and we're not just talking about BAFTA, Golden Globes or Oscars. Our beloved books, authors and artists are given the opportunity to be nominated for one of the many literary awards out there.

A great way to support the Luna authors and artists is to nominate their work for an award.

There are many awards available in Britain. As a British publisher involved in speculative fiction and non-fiction, we obviously focus on the ones relevant to us, and they are many.​

Before a longlist and a shortlist are created, there is a chance for fans to suggest titles, artists, etc. Multiple nominations will help an author/artist to make the longlist, which is then voted on to create the shortlist.

It is customary for Publishers to highlight to the public which of their works is eligible for an award. With that in mind, we have created a new Awards Eligibility page for our readers.

If you have enjoyed one of our books, you can show your enthusiasm by nominating the author, the artist, the book or the artwork. Each award will have several categories - make sure you explore them all.

On the Award Eligibility page, you will find Luna's eligible works, authors and artist for the current year's awards, with info and relevant links. The awards will reward works which have been published in the previous calendar year.

And the nominations are...


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