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Announcing the Release of our Call for Papers 2016!

We are proud to announce the release of our very first Call for Papers: Gender Identity and Sexuality in Fantasy and Science Fiction. Over the course of 2016 we have received many interesting contributions and, as announced back in April, ten writers joined our family thanks to their great papers.

When the call was announced, it had the tag line 'do we have a problem?' The variety of topics and approaches undertaken, allows us to take a deeper look into the current status of fantasy and SF in regards to identity and sexuality; as well as challenging your views, it will provide you with food for thoughts and a pulse on the market.

Moreover, the papers do not simply revolve around the written words, but they deal with the issue in the publishing world at large, movies, TV, card games and even cosplay.

The book will be out on the 9th of August, just as Worldcon 75 opens in Helsinki. We will be there of course, and so will be some of the authors. That is a great chance to get your copy and get it signed!

In the course of the next weeks, we will give you more details on the individual papers, but for now, let me re-introduce you to our fabulous writers and the title of their individual papers. Here they are:

Clockwise from the top left:

Anna Milon (Russia), English Literature, current Education Officer of the Tolkien Society. Researcher. Presenting the paper: "Bikini Armour: Women Characters, Readers and Writers in Male Narratives"

Cheryl Morgan (UK) SF critic and publisher, owner of Wizard’s Tower Press and Hugo Award winner. Researcher. Presenting the paper: "Tipping the Fantastic: How the Transgender Tipping Point has Influenced Speculative Fiction"

Hazel Butler (UK) MA Celtic Archaeology, Academic Researcher (Gender identity and Iron Age archaeology). Fantasy Author and Copywriter. Presenting the paper: "Badass Bisexual Babes: Shameless Titillation or Empowered Characters Embracing their True Selves and Sexuality?"

Alina Hadîmbu (Romania), MA in Comparative Literature and Cultural Anthropology. Writer. Presenting the paper: "Newly Added Female Characters to Blockbuster Franchises. Gender Balancing in Otherwise Male-Dominated Fictional Worlds or a Greater Purpose?"

Juliet McKenna (UK) Greek and Roman history and literature. Fantasy Writer. Presenting the paper: "The Myth of Meritocracy and the Reality of the Leaky Pipe and Other Obstacles in Science Fiction & Fantasy"

Rostislav Kůrka (Czech Republic/Finland) MA Theology. Researcher, Writer. Presenting the paper: "The Magical Way Forward? Recent Changes in Gender Representation in Magic: The Gathering Card Game"

Lorianne Reuser (Canada) English Literature, Greek and Roman studies. Researcher. Presenting the paper: "Subversion, Sex and Violence: Rape as Narrative Tool In ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire"

Jyrki Korpua (Finland), PHD in Literary studies and Lecturer. Researcher. Presenting the paper: "What about Tauriel? From Divine Mothers to Active Heroines - The Female Roles in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Legendarium and Peter Jackson’s movie adaptations"

Kim Lakin-Smith (UK) MA in Journalism and Creative Writing, Fantasy and Science Fiction writer. Presenting the paper: "Doll Parts: Reflections of the Feminine Grotesque in Frances Hardinge’s Cuckoo Song and Neil Gaiman’s Coraline"

A J Dalton (UK), PhD Creative Writing. Fantasy author with Gollancz. Presenting the paper: "Gender-identity and Sexuality in Current Sub-Genres of British Fantasy Literature: Do we Have a Problem?"

And remember that our call for papers, 'The development of African Fantasy and Science Fiction' is open until 30th of November 2017. Pre-Order here!


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