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Luna @ Fantasycon 2017

Luna Press at Fantasycon 2017

#lunaontour is happening again, and you know how much we love our cons!

From the 29th of September to the 1st of October, you will find some of us at Fantasycon 2017, in Peterbrough. Me, Robert S Malan, Anthony Laken and Allen Stroud will be whizzing about between launches and panels. We do hope to see and meet as many of you as possible! Of course, the Luna table will also be set up in the dealers' - which coincidentally is in the bar area - so stop by to say hi!

Here is our programme:

FRIDAY 29/09

3.30PM: The Author as a Business - Panel (Francesca T Barbini)

9PM: The Subversive Amazon Review Show - Entertainment (Allen Stroud)


10AM: Luna Book Launch - "The Forever Man" by Allen Stroud

11.30AM: Steampunk - Panel (Anthony Laken)

12.30PM: Landscapes in Fantasy - Panel (Robert S Malan)

3PM: Readings: Subgenres - Readings (Anthony Laken)

10PM: Readings: Science Fiction & Horror - Readings (Robert S Malan, Allen Stroud)

SUNDAY 01/10

10AM: Small Press Publishing - Panel (Francesca T Barbini)


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