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Nina Oram Joins the Luna Family!

Updated: May 19, 2019

When Beyond Realities Vol II received Nina Oram's submission, "The Session", the team was in full agreement about it being the winning short story. Blending concepts of Irish folk music and lore with modern day life, it transported us into the world of a fateful musical performance at an Irish pub, with a fast and seamless pace. The musical instruments were brought to vivid life in our minds as we read word after word, knowing full well this was a one way road of events.

It was at the second Luna birthday dinner that we finally met Nina in person. Her enthusiasm for Irish culture was evident in the way she spoke, and we were only too happy to ask to see more of her work.

A year later, Nina returned to us with a YA Fantasy trilogy, once again steeped in Irish lore. The Joining trilogy made its way to our offices and it was clear it would fit right in with Luna.

Nina says:

"Looking back, it was almost inevitable that the very first thing I would write would be 'The Joining'. My desire to write comes from my childhood, and so does my love of ancient history, legend and folklore. As a child, I was enthralled by the books of Susan Cooper and Alan Garner, British and Welsh folklore woven into modern tales of dark, sinister adventure. I grew up in a countryside rich in ancient British history; coming to live in the west of Ireland, surrounded by another ancient history, maybe it was natural to write a YA fantasy trilogy, to start with the child within.

'The Joining' began with a visit to local Neolithic stone tombs. Perched on a hill, I walked up the track towards them, gazing at the granite towering high above me, and thought of my childhood walks with my best friend, the two of us making up stories. At the top, I was able to slip inside one of the circular tombs and sit, quiet and alone, in the centre of something man had built five thousand years ago. The very next day, I began to write."

We look forward to presenting you all with book 1 of The Joining trilogy and, once again, a huge Luna welcome to Nina Oram!


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