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Castleview Primary School - Who is the Winner?

Craigmillar Book Festival

I had a cracking morning with the Primary pupils of Castleview School, yesterday, and it was Children in Need day too, so they were all dressed up!

I was invited to participate in the Craigmillar Book Festival, a fantastic week-long event organised by the Craigmillar Literacy Trust. As you know Luna takes most of my time these days, so to be invited as author-me, was really great.

We talked about the ZED lunar perimeter, where the Tijaran Tales adventures take place, and the obstacles we face when setting up a space-world. The kids had loads of suggestions for really cool inventions. Next thing, they were all busy creating the invention of the future.

The brief for these lovely nine year old children was to:

1. Name the Invention

2. Draw it

3. Label it

4. Describe what its purpose was.

The tough job for the Luna team was to pick the winner and the 2nd and 3rd place. We did, and here they are:

1st place - Nikolas! Well done! And don't forget to claim your prize from the teacher!

2nd place - Steph! We're already planning to use the tube as a slide, when there's no food coming up.

3rd place - Jake! Awesome robot (you can now improve the battery efficiency ;)

The kids were all super curious to learn about world-building in space and, more generally, what's it like to be an author.

A massive thank you to Ågot Bugge and Susan Elsley from the Craigmillar Literacy Trust and to Ms Kate Carter, the wonderful teacher of Castleview Primary.

I had a great time, and all the inventions were fantastic, so I am going to add them all here, and share them with you. Enjoy!


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