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Introducing the "Harvester" Series

Updated: May 19, 2019

This new year brings five new incredible writers to the Luna family. We are thrilled to welcome Paul Kane, Marie O'Regan, Stephen Bacon, Wole Talabi and Tim Major!

We crossed paths under various circumstances but, fortuitously enough, within the same timeframe, it was soon clear that we were all looking for the same thing: an opportunity to create individual collections showcasing great stories from the past alongside some brand new ones, as well as bonus material, exclusive to this collection. A gathering of stories; a harvest.

The older stories have featured in established genre magazines, such as Interzone, Black Static, etc., or in 'best of' collections. Some have been nominated, or won, genre awards, such as the Nommo, BSFA and BFS. If you've discovered one of these authors years ago, you will recognise some of these familiar golden oldies; stories that have inspired and accompanied you on journeys.

The new stories are, of course, unpublished; a testament to the incredible work these authors are doing to enrich the genre scene.

The bonus material will include a personal touch from each of the authors, allowing you to know them better and welcoming you into their creative world.

Starting from Wednesday, we will introduce each of our new family members to you, and they will all have something to tell you about their own individual collection. Here's the schedule:

Wednesday 3rd of January: Paul Kane

Saturday 6th: Marie O'Regan

Sunday 7th: Stephen Bacon

Wednesday 10th: Wole Talabi

Friday 12th: Tim Major

Here's to a great new year filled with magical worlds, and to our authors!


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