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Introducing "The Last Ghost and Other Stories" by Marie O'Regan

The Last Ghost and Other Stories by Marie O'Regan is the second book in The Harvester Series. All the books in this series will include excellent stories from the past and some brand new ones, along with special bonus material.

For The Last Ghost and Other Stories, Marie has included plenty of never-seen-before material, from early drafts, to hand-written notes from along the way.

Daniele Serra is the man behind the cover. Visit Daniele's website for more art.

Important dates for you:

1. The The Last Ghost and Other Stories will enter pre-order on the 1st of March 2019 - so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive an extra discount on the already discounted pre-order price.

2. The official release date is Tuesday 9th of April 2019.

3. The launch party will be held at Fantasycon 2019, and we really hope to see you there!

A word from Marie on her collection:

"It’s no secret that I love ghost stories – I’ve written quite a few myself. I also edited The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories by Women… there is nothing quite like reading a ghost story, preferably when it’s cold outside, and the lights are on, and the curtains drawn. They evoke an atmosphere that’s quite unlike any other type of tale; a feeling of sadness and longing, and at times even sympathy for the poor deceased creature so desperate to impart their story to the living.

What I haven’t done, so far, is collect any of my own ghost stories into one volume, so I’m very grateful to Francesca and Robert of Luna Press for giving me the chance to do just that. Here you’ll find ‘The Last Ghost’, a young girl’s tale of loss; ‘In The Howling of the Wind’, a small boy waiting for his parents in a house suddenly grown strange; ‘Someone To Watch Over You’, the story of a protective phantom; ‘The Cradle in the Corner’, a slightly different haunting; ‘Play Time’, a cautionary tale on the dangers of playing out alone at night, and ‘Sleeping Black’, a tale of spirits awoken by a house’s new tenants – and they want to play.

One thing I hadn’t realised, until now, was quite how many of my ghost stories involve children, in one way or another – perhaps it’s because children see more, and judge less; perhaps it’s that they’re more empathetic than the rest of us, or easier for us to empathise with. Who knows? Either way, you’ll find within these pages some of my favourite stories from those I’ve written; I hope you find something that becomes a favourite of yours."

You can find out more about The Harvester Series by clicking on the Harvester tag on the News page.

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