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5 Shortlists and 3 funerals.

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

What a week, we've's all right there in the title.

There is no danger that life lets you forget who's in charge.

I'm writing this because, as we dealt with the excitement of the Luna family receiving 5 shortlist entries for BFS Awards and preparing for three funerals, we caught glimpse of envy and general negativity on social media as well as real life. Not towards us or our family members, but against other writers who had decided to share unexpected achievements.

Technically it's nothing new - envy is one of humanity's unfortunate traits, charged by all the wrong energies.

When confronted by someone doing well, or 'living the life', a person generally has three reactions: a fleeting "Awww... I wish I could do that too and well done you!" before resuming their own course; a more substantial "If I really want it, I'm going to find out how to get it, so I can experience it too" followed by self-search, planning and action; and finally, "We hates them, precious. We wants it. They don't deserve it." followed by sulking, trolling and general hate-spreading.

To most folks, haters mean nothing. They are just background noise. But to some, they have the power to really dampen your spirit and make you feel bad for sharing your success.

So here I am, with a shout-out to the #WritingCommunity, and to all in general really, I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart, whoever you are, do go ahead and share your achievements! No journey is perfect or pain-free and we all go through ups and downs. If there's one thing life deals freely, is set-backs. So get out there, give it your best shot and then share it with us. I said share, not brag ;)

As a publisher, it's my job to show the achievements of my Luna family members. I love their work, otherwise I wouldn't publish it. Their success and achievements make me joyous and I want the whole world to know how hard they work for their readers. And they are all awesome human beings.

As a publisher, I also get to do fun stuff, like festivals and conventions; I receive invites to working lunches and to speak at events. I'm looking at my diary for August: Tolkien 2019 in Birmingham, Edinburgh International Book Festival and Dublin Worldcon, and in the 3rd week I can see already three invites to three different drink receptions, plus a party at the weekend. And there will be pictures.

You might think we are living the life and I can tell you that we are not complaining. BUT...

...don't envy us. Never envy. I haven't met anyone whose life is pain-free.

Writers are better at sharing the toils of the journey with each other and offer what support they can. That's why our Writing Community is so awesome and all accomplishments should be celebrated.

Publishers, like any other business, tend to focus on the positives. You don't see much of the back stage where all the real work happens. Our journeys can lead to rewards, but regardless of the outcome, to get to the end you've got to walk through fire and then some. This week really tested our sanity: we went from the news of a death, to a funeral, to writing happy posts of "Hurray! We have been shortlisted!", followed hours later by our third funeral and one of our team carrying the coffin into the crematorium.

Life doesn't stop. It makes me think of Dark Helmet's spaceship in Spaceballs: the registration plate said "We brake for nobody". So really, when something goes right, let your friends know, allow them to celebrate you and with you. Your success can inspire them to do their own thing.

And if you are reading a success story, be happy for your friends. Take it and let it inspire you. Use it to understand your feelings towards it - are they trying to tell you something? Turn it into something positive for you.


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