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Morag Edward: Nova Scotia Vol 2 Anthology. Pre-Order Available Now!

Image of author Morag Edward
Morag Edward - Nova Scotia Vol 2

Nova Scotia Vol 2 anthology, edited by Neil Williamson and Andrew J. Wilson, is now available for pre-order! It celebrates the depth and breadth of Scotland's dazzling science fiction and fantasy landscape from its haunted islands to its transformed cities and everything in between. Jenni Coutts created the gorgeous cover art.

You can order the book on its own, or buy the bundle anthology deal - both from the Luna store.

Today we'd like to introduce you to Morag Edward and the story "Shoals".

About the author:

Morag Edward is a Scottish writer, artist, researcher and sailor. She has been disabled by serious illness all of her adult life. The years have mostly been spent in bed, in hospital, or in a wheelchair, usually facing down infuriating obstacles to reach the shores. 

During each precious remission, she promptly runs away to sea and vanishes over the horizon.

Morag exhibits her art internationally, and has written and illustrated for an unusual array of publications. Her first short story collection is called Nil by Mouth and her Covid illustrations have been published as 'The Unexpected Urban Wildlife of Quarantined Edinburgh'. 

Morag on the story:

I am happiest in, on, under or next to the sea. The sea has a magical and medicinal effect on me. It always inspires me, not always in a good way.


It is heartbreaking to swim in a bay, expecting to encounter another world of creatures but instead find only empty water and scoured, sterile seafloor. Or to sail past an anthropocene raft of plastic bottles, ghost gear, and the turtles and rays that died slowly tangled in the plastic ropes. 


But the last time I was at sea I dreamt I heard the mermaids below us trying to break through the hull. 

TOC of Nova Scotia Vol 2
TOC of Nova Scotia Vol 2


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