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The Empty Orchestra - Elizabeth Priest

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

When Concrete Faery came out, we knew it would be the beginning of a fabulous journey in the magical, funny world of Troutespond.

Elizabeth Priest's Teen series, The Troutespond Series, introduced us to a world where magic and teenagers met, mixed and caused untold amount of chaos and mishaps!

Concrete Faery was longlisted for the BSFA awards, best debut, and the cover art art, by Bede Rogerson, made it all the way to the shortlist.

This is the cover of Book 5, The Empty Orchestra, which sees our heroins having to deal with more unexpected situations. This is the perfect book if you love Teen novels with music, ghosts and #Halloween. And look at that cover! Once again, Bede Rogerson has made us proud!

Aren't they awesome? You can order The Empty Orchestra, here!

On our YouTube channel you can also watch Lizzy's panel at Cymera 2020, where she talks about the book.

These books are a great gift for teens looking for clever, fast-paced dialogues and loads of humour. The book will enter pre-order next month and will be released on the 23rd of March. It will be discounted, and if you are one of our subscribers, you will also find an extra voucher in the 1st of February newsletter!

The first three books can be purchased in a bundle as well, and they are all available in paperback and ebook in our store: take a look!

About the book:

Halloween is drawing near and Ally is far from the safety of Troutespond. Her attempts at a normal life have netted her a role in a cursed-to-die orchestra club, haunted by its past members. Now, unwittingly tied to thirteen musical ghosts, the more they play, the more their fates are bound to the dead. With the help of Alana, her boyfriend the Piper, and the new friends she’s made on campus, Ally must find a way to break the curse, while trying to be a model student, girlfriend and mandolin player.

About the Author:

Elizabeth Priest is a fantasy writer living in Hastings, the UK. Obsessed with chasing fairies since early childhood, she has a History, Literature & Creative Writing BA from the University of Chichester, where she spent a great deal of her time attending free lectures on folklore and mythology to round out the corners on her quest, and has been working on the Troutespond series of YA novels ever since.

Agent: John Jarrold

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Go Lizzy!!!

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