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Double Book Release!

Beyond Realities Vol II & The Things That Should Not Squee are out today!

From artist Peter Andrews, comes a journey into fluffy darkness! Delve into the horrifyingly adorable world of GREAT OLD ONES, ELDER GODS and MONSTERS FROM NAMELESS CAVERNS to learn about their utterly alien feelings, hobbies, favourite places, foods and other facts that man was not meant to know.

Order your copy of The Things that Should Not Squee from Luna Press to receive a free "Christmas" illustration from Peter Andrews himself!

Join us, beyond reality, along paths of lost memory and murky fairy tales. Cast your eyes here, you brave, that you may see pets from hell and minstrels of the dark arts. A world where fact and fiction become one, and body modifications are the norm. Where tailors tinker, animal spirits run free, young love sets all ablaze, and strange fortunes are writ. Perhaps you might even find a ghost around the next corner. Open your mind once more, that we may fill it with a story or two.

Beyond Realities Vol II is the annual short story anthology from Luna Press Publishing, featuring the winning and shortlisted entries from the Writers and Illustrators Contest 2016. These are the fresh new voices of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Dark Fantasy.

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Winner (Illustrator):

Jane Stewart "Nevermore"

Winner (Writer):

Nina Oram "The Session"

All Shortlisted stories, in alphabetical order, by surname:

Joseph Degand "Sugar Cube"

Sarah Dixon "Beyond Fiction"

Pauline E. Dungate "Spirit of the Forest"

Kim Gravell "Mistress of Fortune"

Sarah Hitchcock "Pure"

David Steven Malone "The Nautilus Shell"

J. S. Richardson "The Well Deceived"

Barbara Stevenson "The One-Armed Bandit"

Valentine Williams "Pet"


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