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Getting Steampunk Out Of London

As you might have guessed, Luna is preparing for a "steamy" summer ahead, "Steampunk" steamy, that is!

Anthony Laken's 'One Cog Turning' will be released on July 15th, but it is not all. One the 1st of July we will reveal a new Steampunk adventure, because you can never have too much steam in your life!

What these two projects have in common though, is that they take you on less travelled journey, through less usual settings.

Victorian London is always considered the go-to place for Steampunk, but let's not forget the rest of the world. Anthony Laken and the authors of our other project, will take you there and show you how truly global Steampunk is.

Kevin Steil, also known as the Airship Ambassador, has done much to further the understanding of Steampunk at a global level. In one of his earlier article, he discusses just that: 'Getting Steampunk out of London'. It's a delightful read that will inspire lovers and writers of Steampunk alike.

Click on this link and discover global steampunk!


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