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Steampunk Writers: Paulo César Ramírez Villaseñor

Today we would like you to meet Paulo César Ramírez Villaseñor, one of the "Steampunk Writers Around the World" authors. Paulo has contributed the short story "CUAUHTLIPOCA, EL ÁGUILA HUMEANTE", one of the stories you will be able to read in Spanish.

Above, you can see Jay Johnstone's image created for this particular story. Jay is also responsible for creating the cover of the anthology.

Paulo César Ramírez Villaseñor.- Mexican writer, lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Founder and director of the magazine retrofuturism themed “El Investigador”, also wrote a lot of articles related. Director of anthologies “Planes B” (bubok, 2012), an auto editing project with three volumes of stories, the authors selected includes Jeff VanderMeer and Selena Chmbers. Coordinated the four volumes of “Ácronos, antología steampunk” (Tyrannosaurus books, Spain) with help of Spanish writer Josué Ramos. His writing projects come from podcasts scripts to steampunk and dieselpunk stories for Ácronos’ series.

In 2014 was published his novelette “Reward: El Ojo del Diablo”, in Spain by Neonauta Ediciones; while in 2015 was part of anthology “The Best of Spanish Steampunk” (Nevsky, Spain) with his stoy “May the fifth”. Nowadays he’s part of the editorial council of Mexican e-zine “Fantastique” which is focused on literature of fantastic genre meanwhile develops other literary projects. As a role playing games fan, comics, history and mythologies lover, he tries to combine as much as its possible his profession, hobbies and passions, that’s the main reason because of his restless mind keeps running with one project after another.

You can pre-order your copy on our website, through your usual outlets, or even pick up a copy in Helsinki, during the Worldcon!

We leave you with a little teaser of Paulo César Ramírez Villaseñor's story. Enjoy!


‘¡Aguanta un poco, todo va a salir bien!’ El hombre apenas si me miró pero pude notar claramente en su

silencio que no creyó en mis palabras de aliento. No sabía qué hacer, así que únicamente intentaba darle un poco de ánimo a aquel personaje que se encontraba tirado en el escritorio de mi oficina. Las heridas en su cuerpo eran notorias, una en la pierna y dos en el tronco justo del lado izquierdo, mostrando la carne quemada y la sangre que no dejaba de salir a borbotones; signo inequívoco de que se había enfrentado a los infantes de marina.

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