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Aragorn - What is new in the 2nd Edition?

As some of you may know, Angela P Nicholas released "Aragorn: JRR Tolkien's Undervalued Hero" in 2013 through Authors' Online (who used Bright Pen as their imprint name). When Authors' Online closed down, and was subsequently taken over by New Generation, Angela decided talk to us at Luna about a second edition.

We were delighted to welcome her on board, as we thought the book was well worthy of publication. Those who purchased the first edition certainly agreed, as the 5 star reviews are still visible on various sites, including and .UK. And there was, of course, a glowing review from Christina Scull, who is a renowned Tolkien scholar.

The second edition will be a first for our new readers, but what about those of you who already own a copy? Here's what's different about it:

1) On the outside, "Aragorn" is no longer a full A4 size, but instead 276 x 203mm. The length now sits at 450 pages. It's no feather, but the content is truly worth the weight! The cover graphic was created by Tolkien artist Jay Johnstone, using Angela's custom made jewellery design.

2) We also have the e-book version, which did not exist before.

3) Finally, Angela has created a detailed list of what is new in the second edition of "Aragorn", so you can decide whether to purchase the new version or not. Please read it until the end for a good overview. Click here to see this document.

The most important thing I would like to ask all of you who are interested in purchasing this book is to buy this new second edition, otherwise Angela will not receive any royalties. We cannot remove old editions of a book from Amazon or other secondhand sales site but, if you buy the first edition (not published by Luna Press), it will not be the author who benefits.

This book truly has a lot to offer, and it will make you look at Aragorn in a very different light.


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