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Call For Papers 2018: Evil is Here!

We are very proud to announce our third Call For Papers. The theme of the 2018 collection is: "The Evolution of Evil in Fantasy and Science Fiction".

Our first call for papers, "Gender and Sexuality in Fantasy and Science Fiction" received 2 BSFA Awards nomination and one BSFA Awards shortlist. The second call for papers, "The Evolution of African Fantasy and Science Fiction", will be out this summer.

It is time for a new challenge!

Writers are invited to explore the concept of evil in all its shapes and developments, in literature, games, movies and TV.

Here is some food for thought, though it should not restrict your own ideas:

  • Focus on a specific character which has embodied the concept of evil

  • The development of a specific archetypal character which, over the course of the centuries, has undergone a transformation from neutral/positive figure into an evil one, or vice versa – historical and socio-political influences that brought about this transformation

  • Development of a representative type of evil over time (trolls, fairies, mad gods, dark lords, vampires, demons, etc.)

  • The impact of religion on folklore

  • Latest incarnations of evil mirroring socio-political changes

  • Latest incarnations of evil in general

  • Evil as an embodiment of modern society

  • Evolution of evil through the ages

  • Possible representations of minorities as evil

  • Creating evil – what makes a successful villain?

  • Heroes as villains

  • Other representations of evil, e.g. hostile environments. Music as a tool for implying threat and hostility

  1. Before you start, get in touch! Send us an email either with your abstract or simply to let us know what topic you intend to explore: it is perfectly fine to have more than one author discussing the same topic, as long as the angle is different.

  2. Word Limit: up to 6,000 words.

  3. Full references for citations must be included using Harvard referencing style. Download the full guide and the quick guide on the Academia Lunare page.

  4. Closing Date: 30th of November 2018.

  5. Publishing contract for all participants, with shared royalties from each sale and a free copy of the book.

Do not fear if this is your first non-fiction work: if you love research, you need a chance to start somewhere. Take a look at the past two Call For Papers blog posts and explore the articles submitted - it may help you decide your course of action.

Get in touch if you have any questions.

I hope to hear from you!


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