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Our International Family

Flags of the World

On Sunday, in between walking Luna Space Beagle and swimming in admin, I was working on the website updating a few pages.

When I reached the Luna Family page I found myself looking at all the wonderful biographies of our accomplished writers and artists. Alongside the bio's text, their pictures told more of the story.

Their clothes, their smiles and locations added to the individual vibes. And that got me thinking about their background, the places they grew up in, and how each culture influenced their writing or drawing.

And so, since I really have a lot of time on my hands (---__---) I decided to add an entry for each of the countries represented.

It turns out that our family is truly multi-cultural! Here they are, by number and alphabetically:

England: 22

USA: 5

Italy: 4

Scotland: 4

Finland: 3

Spain: 3

Czech Republic: 2

Nigeria: 2

Russia: 2

South Africa: 2

Brazil: 1

Canada: 1

Cuba: 1

Germany: 1

Ireland: 1

Mexico: 1

Netherlands: 1

Northern Ireland: 1

Peru: 1

Puerto Rico: 1

Romania: 1

Over the course of three years, we have been truly blessed to work with such talented people, and may our family continue to grow!

And now, why don't you take a look at the website? See the list with the names and the pictures to go with it.


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