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Announcing the 'Harvester' Series!

The Harvester Series - Cover Reveal

One year ago to the day, we introduced you to our brand new project, The Harvester Series. We spent a whole year working hard with our six magnificent authors and their respective amazing cover artists.

Today we share the official cover reveals with you. Clockwise, from the top left:

1. Ben Baldwin for Paul Kane - The Controllers

2. Daniele Serra for Marie O'Regan - The Last Ghost and Other Stories

3. Ben Baldwin for Stephen Bacon - Murmured in Dreams

4. Fangorn/Chris Baker for Ian Whates - Wourism and Other Stories

5. Daniele Serra for Tim Major - And The House Lights Dim

6. Joey Hi-Fi for Wole Talabi - Incomplete Solutions

Harvester Series

We’re sure you’ll agree that our artists have done us proud!

Over the course of January, starting from the 5th, we will announce all the pre-order and release dates for each of the books, so stay tuned!

As always, our Luna subscribers will be able to receive an extra discount voucher for each book, to use in our store. If you haven’t subscribed to our monthly newsletter yet, now’s the time.

Here! Take a look at those gorgeous covers again!

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