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Peter Roe XIX Enters Pre-Order!

Peter Roe XIX. Cover art by Becky Green

Tolkien the Pagan? Reading Middle-earth through a Spiritual Lens: Peter Roe Series XIX

This volume of proceedings contains papers from the largest and, perhaps, most diverse Tolkien Society Seminar to date.

Following a much-contested Call for Papers, Tolkien the Pagan? Reading Middle-earth through a Spiritual Lens explores Tolkien’s complex use of religious ideology, the readers’ approach to their beloved fictional world via unusual spiritual and philosophical channels, and how Middle-earth almost became a faith in itself.

The book will be released on Monday 25th of March, to celebrate Tolkien Reading Day, an annual event launched by The Tolkien Society in 2003. It has the aim of encouraging the reading of the works of J. R. R. Tolkien.

The beautiful cover art, 'Starkindler’, is by Becky Green.

Table of Contents:

Introduction by Editor Anna Milon

"On the Providential Historicism of Middle-earth" by Ryan Haecker

"The Nature of Arda: An Artwork as the Embodiment of the Flame Imperishable" by Aslı Bülbül Candaş

"Honouring the Valar, Seeking the Elf Within: The Curious History of Tolkien Spirituality and the Religious Affordance of Tolkien’s Literary Mythology" by Markus Altena Davidsen

"Tolkien’s Mandos, Pratchett’s Death" by Justin Lewis-Anthony

"Also Sprach Fëanor, Spirit of Fire: A Nietzschean Reading of Tolkien’s Mythology?" by Giovanni Carmine Costabile


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