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Call for Papers 2018: Introducing Evil!

We are delighted to introduce you to the contributors to our third CfP, A Shadow Within: Evil in Fantasy & Science Fiction. Our family continues to grow and we are so very proud to open our arms to healthy research and inquisitive minds in the speculative genre field.

As is traditional with Academia Lunare's CfPs, I like to give a lot of space to explore the full width and breath of a chosen topic. Once the main theme has been set, there is a huge list of prompts to be found on our website, encouraging a diverse approach and different forms of media. I certainly was not disappointed this year, with the highest number of submitted papers to date, twenty-one of which will be published.

You can just imagine the titles of all the various emails we have been sending to each other over the course of the last year: evil editing, evil query, evil contract, evil abstract, and, of course, evil authors!

BUT, evil they are not; just incredibly talented. Today we will share a little bit about them and the titles of their papers. From Sunday 17th of March, and for the following Sundays all the way to the 4th of August, I will introduce you more closely to our authors and to their papers and abstracts.

The book will be released at Dublin Worldcon 2019, on the 14th of August.

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

(Top row, left to right)

Teika Bellamy (UK). PhD. in Chemical Research from University of London. Managing Editor of the independent press, Mother’s Milk Books. Writer of science fiction, fantasy, and poetry (under the pen-name of Teika Marija Smits).

Presenting the paper: “Bluebeard – The Eternal Predator”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 24th of March

Steph P. Bianchini (Italy). Academic and social scientist based in Scotland. Historian by education and economist by professional practice, she also writes/reviews speculative fiction.

Presenting the paper: “The Inquisitor's creatures: the historical roots of the witch trope and its evolution over the centuries”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 17th of March.

Octavia Cade (New Zealand). PhD in science communication.

Presenting the paper: “Spring Again: The Problem of Evil and the End of Winter in C.S. Lewis' Narnia”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 31st of March

Alice Capstick (Australia). PhD student in literary studies at Monash University.

Presenting the paper: “The Antihero’s Journey: The Influence of Milton’s Satan on the Evolution of the Dark Hero”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 7th of April

A J Dalton (UK). PhD Creative Writing. Fantasy author with Gollancz.

Presenting the paper: “Embodiments of evil and reflections of social change in second-world fantasy”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 14th of April

Sharon Day (USA). Occult Researcher, Writer, and Historian. Creatrix of the Alexandrian Witchcraft Historical Timeline website. Alexandrian Witch & Priestess. J.D. in Law.

Presenting the paper: “Through the Veil of the Digital Revolution and into the Abyss of Artificial Intelligence: The Insidious Desensitisation of Humanity”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 21st of April

Tatiana Fajardo (Spain). MLitt in the Gothic Imagination at the University of Stirling. Researcher and Writer.

Presenting the paper: “The Bloodlust of Elizabeth Báthory: From the Brothers Grimm to American Horror Story”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 28th of April

Sean Z Fitzgerald (UK). PhD in Creative Writing Practice, University of Winchester. MSc in Science Communication, The Open University. University Lecturer in Media Production and Creative Writing. Published writer of fiction and non-fiction.

Presenting the paper: “The fictional scientist as a dichotomy of good and evil in contemporary realist speculative fiction”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 5th of May

(Middle row, left to right)

Jason Gould (United Kingdom). Writer of fiction and non-fiction, genre and non-genre. Graduate in Creative Writing at University of Hull. Shortlisted for the British Fantasy Society Award.

Presenting the paper: “Re-Writing Evil: An Alternative to Personification: Portrayal, Presence and Purpose in the Short Fiction of M. John Harrison”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 12th of May

Lucinda Holdsworth (UK). PhD student in English Literature and Theology at the University of Glasgow. MLitt in Fantasy Literature, University of Glasgow.

Presenting the paper: “The Problem of Evil in Pseudo-Taoist Secondary Worlds”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 19th of May

Anna Köhler (Germany). PhD student researching gendered magic in contemporary fantasy at the Chair for British Literature at RWTH Aachen University.

Presenting the paper: “Evil Rewritten: Witches in Revisionist Fairy Tales”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 26th of May

Jyrki Korpua (Finland). PHD in Literary studies and Lecturer. Researcher.

Presenting the paper: “Machines of Chaos – The Shadows and the Reapers as representations of evil in the television series Babylon 5 and the Mass Effect game series”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 2nd of June

Rostislav Kůrka (Czech Republic/Finland). MA Theology. PhD, Writer.

Presenting the paper: “From Dark Side to Grey Politics: The Portrayal of Evil in the Star Wars saga”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 9th of June

Kim Lakin-Smith (UK). MA in Journalism and Creative Writing, Fantasy and Science Fiction writer.

Presenting the paper: “Born Bad: Unmasking Evil in John Carpenter’s Halloween and James Cameron’s The Terminator.”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 16th of June

(Bottom row, left to right)

Robert S Malan (South Africa). Non-fiction and horror writer. Senior Editor at freeflowedit. Shortlisted for the Nommo Awards 2018.

Presenting the paper: “Xenomorphobia – Eighties Societal Fears and Issues as reflected in the movie Aliens.”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 23th of June

Anna Milon (Russia). Current PhD in English Literature and Paganism, current Education Officer for the Tolkien Society and assistant editor for the interdisciplinary academic journal Exclamation!on.

Presenting the paper: “Naming the Terror in the Forest: Evolution of The Horned God in Fantasy Fiction.”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 30th of June

Thomas Moules (UK). MLitt in Fantasy Literature, University of Glasgow. Writer of non-fiction.

Presenting the paper: “I have done only what was necessary - An exploration of individual and structural evil in the works of N. K. Jemisin.”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 7th of July

Katarina O’Dette (USA). PhD candidate researching fantasy television at the University of Nottingham. Researcher and fantasy writer. Executive committee member for GIFCon 2019.

Presenting the paper: “Yesterday’s Tyrant: Evolving Evil in Fantasy Television’s Reformed Villains”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 14th of July

Charul (Chuckie) Palmer-Patel (Canada). Doctorate from Lancaster University, UK; independent researcher of fantasy fiction; head editor of Fantastika Journal.

And Matthew J. Elder (New Zealand). PhD Candidate at the University of Waikato; Researcher of contemporary fantasy literature, magic, and identity construction.

Presenting the paper: “Imperialism as Evil in Epic Fantasy: An Analysis of the Fantasy Works of Eddings, Jordan, Sanderson, and Brett”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 21st of July

Dominic Riemenschneider (Germany). Magister Artium, self-funded PhD candidate in Art History at Mainz University. Independent scholar with a focus on the visual Fantastic and its roots in art & architecture.

Presenting the paper: “From Light to Dark – Using Gothic Styles to Visualise Evil in Architecture”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 28th of July

Barbara Stevenson (UK). BVMS and BA (Open University) creative writing and German. Fiction writer and veterinary surgeon.

Presenting the paper: “The Nature of Evil in the Thomas Covenant Chronicles of Stephen Donaldson”

More news on the blog post of Sunday 4th of August

While you are here, visit our Luna Family page to read more about our authors, and also to have a look at our lovely "Around the World with the Luna Family" display!


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