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Luna 2021 Releases - A Journey Through Time

The series "A Journey through the Years" is a way of remembering where this small press has come from, by looking at the books released. Each title, its author(s) and artist(s), is important and has left a mark in the life of Luna Press.

2021 was our seventh year of life, and these were our releases: 00:00 The British Fantasy Award - Take 1 01:07 Gendering Time Timing Gender - P.M. Biswas Book launch video: 02:05 Luna Novella #1-6 Book launch video: 03:59 The Empty Orchestra - Elizabeth Priest Love. An Archaeology - Fabio Fernandes Book Launch video: 06:26 Nova Hellas - Ed. by Francesca T. Barbini and Francesco Verso Book Launch video: 08:26 Adapting Tolkien - Ed. by Will Sherwood & Tolkien and the Sea - Ed. by Richard Crawshaw and Shaun Gunner A Diasporic Mythography - P.M. Biswas Book Launch video: 12:45 The Flicker Against the Light - Jane Alexander Book Launch video: 14:08 The Dalliances of Monsieur D'Haricot - Barbara Stevenson Book Launch video: 15:50 Worlds Apart - Ed. by Francesca T Barbini This is our Undoing - Lorraine Wilson Book Launch video: 19:18 Look where you are going, not where you have been - Steven J Dines The British Fantasy Award - Take 2 21:59 The British Fantasy Award - Take 3


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