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Luna Novella: Introducing Andrew Wallace

Luna Novella is here, and we are thrilled to announce that Andrew Wallace has joined the Luna family with the novella, Dread & The Broken Witch.

On the 15th of April, we opened submissions to novellas, for the first time. From this, six talented authors have emerged and have joined the Luna family: today we are delighted to introduce you to Andrew Wallace. Our new series will be available in digital format and also in the pocket-size print edition so that they can journey with you!

Andrew Wallace writes and performs original, fast-moving science fiction and fantasy. His current novel is Celebrity Werewolf, which he also narrated on audiobook. His far-future Diamond Roadsscience fiction series includes Sons of the Crystal Mind, The Outer Spheres and Beautiful Gun.

For more details, check out, Andrew Wallace Books on Facebook, or Twitter @AndrewWallaceDR

Andrew said about the novella:

"In the fabulous heart of the ancient, altered continent of Zabardu, a nameless Dread falls across the Village and traps Precious Child. The terrified villagers turn to their healer, a brilliant but outrageous transgender woman called Bambomiyi, who lives in a mysterious wreck in the desert.

But the raucous Bambomiyi is also the Broken Witch, for she lost her amazing powers in a war in the far north, and a cataclysm she no longer remembers.

Precious Child and the Broken Witch have a unique and powerful connection, so despite the lethal predations of the Dread and a past that threatens to overwhelm her, the Broken Witch sets out on an epic, impossible quest – from one side of the Village to the other."

Andrew Wallace's Dread & The Broken Witch will be released in 2021, as part of the Luna Novella series.

For Luna Novella 2021: Dilman Dila, John Dodd, Joanna Corrance, Andrew Wallace.


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