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Nova Scotia Vol 2: Cover Art by Jenni Coutts

Updated: 9 hours ago

Playing with different shades of blue, there is a lighthouse in the middle, with seagulls flying around the top light. The waves at the bottom merge and reveal the head of a dragon.
Cover art for Nova Scotia Vol 2: New Speculative Fiction from Scotland, by artist Jenni Coutts

We are delighted to reveal the cover for Nova Scotia Vol 2: New Speculative Fiction from Scotland, edited by Neil Williamson and Andrew J Wilson. The artwork is by Scottish-based award-winning artist Jenni Coutts!

A smiling woman with short brown hair to the left of th image. To the right is one of her fantasy line art drawings.
Artist Jenni Coutts

Jenni Coutts is an award winning artist, illustrator, speculative fiction writer, and NHS doctor who has spent the last 11 years in Glasgow, Scotland. She is the current Art Editor for BFS Horizons magazine and is the art show lead for the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton in 2025.  Originally from Leeds, she won the British Fantasy Award for Best Artist in 2022 and was nominated again in 2023. She has had artwork featured in both UK and international publications. She was shortlisted for the Scottish New Writers Award in 2019.

Let's hear it from Jenni:

"I was really excited to work on this cover artwork. I loved the idea of celebrating the wild myths and legends that form the fabric of Scotland, as well as showcasing some of the amazing new science fiction and speculative fiction that comes from Scottish Writers. Neil and Francesca brought me a really strong and exciting cover brief, requesting deep blues, views of the coast and/or ocean, possible flora and fauna of Scotland and maybe a lighthouse. I had a lot of fun creating sketches that incorporated some or all of these ideas, whilst still trying to keep a dark and moody speculative fiction feel, and I am very excited to be able to read the amazing stories in Nova Scotia Vol 2!"

If you've missed our TOC announcement, here are the authors representing Scotland, and their individual stories:

  1. Weak Gods Of Mars  - Ken MacLeod  

  2. When You Are The Hammer, Strike - Eliza Chan

  3. Mhairi Aird - Lorraine Wilson

  4. Shoals - Morag Edward

  5. New Town - David Goodman

  6. Me, And Not Me - Jon Courtenay Grimwood

  7. The Bruce And The Spider - Andrew J. Wilson

  8. Lise And Otto - Pippa Goldschmidt

  9. The Colour Of Their Eyes - Dilys Rose

  10. Broderie Écossaise - Eris Young

  11. Grimaldo The Weeping - Ali Maloney

  12. Blood Lines - Russell Jones

  13. Junior - Lindz McLeod

  14. Peter's Thoughts - Grant Morrison

  15. Midnight Flit - Neil Williamson

  16. Sugar Teeth - CL Hellisen

  17. Dodos - Rhiannon A Grist

  18. Under The Hagstone - Doug Johnstone

  19. The Donkey - T.L. Huchu

  20. Helpline Zero - Ever Dundas

  21. Night Snow - Jane McKie 

  22. The Retreat - Chris Kelso

  23. Fruits Of Empire - James Kelman

  24. Glencoe - Carole Johnstone

  25. Love, Scotland - E.M. Faulds

  26. To The Forest - Jeda Pearl

Nova Scotia Vol 2: New Speculative Fiction from Scotland will be out on the 30th of July, with the launch at Worldcon Glasgow, this coming August. Join us there!

Pre-orders will open at the end of June. Stay tuned!

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