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Steampunk Writers: Ray Dean

Today we would like you to meet Ray Dean, one of the "Steampunk Writers Around the World" authors. Ray has contributed the short story "PROVIDENCE IN THE PACIFIC", one of the stories you will be able to read in English.

Above, you can see Jay Johnstone's image created for this particular story. Jay is also responsible for creating the cover of the anthology.

Ray Dean was born and raised in Hawaii where she spent many a quiet hour reading and writing stories. Performing in theatre and working backstage lead her into the delights of Living History, creating her own worlds through writing seemed the next logical step. Historical settings are her first love, but there is something heady about twisting the threads of time into little knots and creating new timelines to explore. There are endless possibilities that she is just beginning to discover.

You can pre-order your copy on our website, through your usual outlets, or even pick up a copy in Helsinki, during the Worldcon!

We leave you with a little teaser of Ray Dean's story. Enjoy!


The conceit of men in power is that they forget that it’s not just the walls that have ears. Just because a man is in servitude does not mean he lacks the intelligence to understand how little he is valued... how little he is respected by those around him.

A snap brought John’s attention back to the men at the table, going through their plans. They had ample need to talk among themselves, leaning over maps, poring over lists of names and numbers. They ignored the two men in the room toting pitchers of water and emptying ashtrays of cigar stubs. These servants, with no stake in the conversation, had no importance to them.


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