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Call for Papers 2019: Introducing Love!

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

We are delighted to introduce you to the contributors to our fourth CfP, Ties That Bind: Love in Fantasy & Science Fiction. Our family continues to grow and we are so very proud to open our arms to healthy research and inquisitive minds in the speculative genre field.

As is traditional with Academia Lunare's CfPs, I like to give a lot of space to explore the full width and breadth of a chosen topic. Once the main theme has been set, there is a huge list of prompts to be found on our website, encouraging a diverse approach and different forms of media. I certainly was not disappointed this year, with eleven contributions.

The book will be released on the 28 July 2020.

Here they are, our 'Love' heroes, in alphabetical order:

(Top row, left to right)

Steph P. Bianchini (Italy). Academic and social scientist based in Scotland.

"Shades of Unrequited Love. Broken hearts and amour de loin in Japanese manga and anime"

Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso (Nigeria). MA at Swansea University in Creative Writing; writer of fiction and non-fiction, editorial member at Internation Authors.

“Tragic Lovers and the Question of Choice and Fatalism in Elechi Amadi’s ‘Concubine’ and the ‘Orchestra of Minorities’ by Chigozie Obioma”

AJ Dalton (UK) PhD Creative Writing. Fantasy author with Gollancz

“The Decline of the Bromance and the Rise of Human-A.I. relationships in Science Fiction TV and film”

Tatiana Fajardo Domench (Spain) MLitt in the Gothic Imagination at the University of Stirling. Researcher and Writer.

Falling in Love with an Artificial Being: E. T. A Hoffmann’s “The Sandman” in Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and the Blade Runner film series”

Christina Lake (UK). PhD in Literature from University of Exeter. Librarian and Science Fiction Fan.

“Barriers, boundaries and banners: the human costs of better breeding”

Cheryl Morgan (Wales) SF critic and publisher, owner of Wizard’s Tower Press and Hugo Award winner. Researcher.

“Robot Love is Queer”

(Second row, left to right)

Lynn O’Connacht (Europe). Independent researcher of aromantic and asexuality studies and SFF author.

Aromanticism, Asexuality, and the Illusion of New Narratives”

Ester Torredelforth (Spain) PhD in Medieval Art and illustrator.

“Clothing as a Reflection of Love in Chivalric Novels in 15th Century Catalonia”

Barbara Stevenson (Scotland) BVMS and BA (Open University) creative writing and German. Fiction writer and veterinary surgeon.

“Gormenghast and the Groans”

Chey Wollner (USA). MFA candidate in fiction at Florida Atlantic University. Currently, they are writing an alternate history novel about Bess and Harry Houdini.

"Finding the Female Quest in Sarah Monette's Melusine"

Josephine Maria Yanasak-Leszczynski (USA). Science Fiction and Horror Author, museum education curriculum writer, Film Critic

“Polyamory in Science Fiction Societies”

We will open pre-orders in May, and you will get a chance to learn more about their individual articles.

Until then, stay safe!



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