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Publishing 101 - Ep 8. Publication Date

The video mini-series Publishing 101, has been created for the benefit of new authors, but also in general to demystify the publishing process for those who have yet to experience it. Since 2015, when Luna started, we have received many emails from new or aspiring writers, asking how things work. The following introduction to the series is also available as a video and you can watch it here.

These short videos are meant to be an introduction to the different aspects of publishing, as we follow the book from submission to publication. And although experiences between presses of different size do vary, Publishing 101 covers the essential points of each aspect, and for that I hope it will help authors become more confident.

In this episode, we will be touching on the following issues:

What we have been waiting for!

Test Copies 00:50

Opening Distribution 01:18

Author's Copies 01:55

Pre-Order time is a must 02:45

Publication Day! 03:51

Awards 05:00

An End to this mini-series 05:42



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