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Released Date 12 April 2021

Peter Roe Series XX


Hosted online, the Tolkien Society 2020 seminar sought to explore how J.R.R. Tolkien’s legacy partly relies on the continued adaption of his works, characters, and languages. It offered insights into a range of artistic adaptions and evaluated how the tangible result expands the Tolkien fanbase and readership while cultivating a love and appreciation of Tolkien through the adaptor’s creative vision. It further examined the ways in which Tolkien’s creations have been interwoven into the very fabric of our primary world.


His words no longer simply exist on the page, they are transformed in our minds and are cast out into the stars. They inspire new universes and invite fresh interpretations from across the globe.


Published under the auspices of the Society’s Peter Roe Memorial Fund, this proceedings features a collection of six papers delivered at the Tolkien Society 2020 Online seminar.



Will Sherwood


The First Age Materials: Christopher Tolkien’s Greatest Task
Cami D. Agan


The other illustrated Silmarillion: Francis Mosley for the Folio Society
Marie Bretagnolle


Elvish as She is Filmed: The Adaption of the Elvish Language in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings
Dr. Andrew Higgins


“I Heard the Sword’s Song, and it Sang to Me”: Adapting Tolkien in the World of Heavy Metal
Brian Egede-Pedersen


Is Adapting Tolkien (Mis)Remembering Tolkien?
Mina D. Lukić


Adapting Tolkien Beyond Arda, or, How to Navigate the Political Minefield of the International Astronomical Union in Order to Name Features on Titan, Pluto, and Charon After Middle-earth
Kristine Larsen

Adapting Tolkien


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