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Release 6 August 2024

Sequel to the NOMMO and BSFA Shortlisted Club Ded.


The Illustrated HB edition is also available through our site and all the usual places.

The eBook is available through all major digital providers and libraries.



DAKINI ATOLL is a fast paced, tech-driven, metaphysical Cyberpunk novel. Set in the near future, in Johannesburg, New York, London, Saudi Arabia and Holographic Reality.


Fortunato has made it big, directing the Club Ded sequel. He and Delilah Lex are the dream team. But, Delilah is off the map again. Lost, in extreme technological advances. Mutating from a 're-evolutionary' nerve-implant built by the enigmatic roboticist, Seikichi. 


In a new era, haunted by doppelganger robots, where the Prion Eyes plague divides cities into zones of safety, Delilah attains messianic status in the trippy Good Morning Delilah!, a game-changing show/realm that spawns its own holographic industry. 


Meanwhile Queen Anita begins a perilous journey into the sub-world of ANGELINC - where she finally unmasks the true agenda of the mysterious Oracle...


Dakini Atoll PB

£13.99 Regular Price
£11.99Sale Price
Expected to ship at the start of August, in time for the release date.
  • 'Nikhil Singh is a surrealist. His words read like a cadavre exquis. Like you're reading slam poetry and making up the story yourself as you go along. His critiques are acerbic and pull no punches, reflecting on the contemporary literary scene while challenging it by creating something truly original and unique. African writing at its finest. I cannot recommend Dakini Atoll enough.'

    Mame Bougouma Diene - Caine Prize Winner



    'In this compelling sequel to Club Ded, Nikhil expands on his groundbreaking narrative with a story that moves with the alacrity of a Charles Mingus tremolo. His words strike the eyes like strobe-flashes in the dark, revealing an uncompromising hyper-noir world that never lets up, and reminds us that such singular minds should never be constrained by the paradigms of any genre.'

    Preston Grassmann, Shirley Jackson Award finalist



    'Has Nikhil Singh ever met a literary boundary he didn't want to cross? Told in machine gun prose from a multitude of perspectives, Dakini Atoll is an exquisitely bewildering story of exploitation, resistance and alien bodies, in which motives and allegiances are constantly shifting amidst the story's deeper currents. Strap in and prepare for an experience you won't forget.'

    Adri Joy, Hugo Winning Senior Editor at Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together



    'Nikhil Singh's new novel reads like a breathless account of the near future, ripped from the headlines of a decade from now, and delivered, with staccato prose, in all its sinister, transformative glory. Dakini Atoll is something like the love child of Akira and Gravity's Rainbow, hopped up on adrenochrome, mainlined directly into your nervous system, and sent out to overload the worldwide communications network.'

    Steven Shaviro



    'The end of the world is a luxury, and Dakini Atoll takes us on a highspeed dredge through everything that comes next. Zooming out from the fragmented colonial decay, class desperation, high-stakes media opiates and deranged posthuman upgrade schemes of its predecessor Club Ded, Dakini projects a wide-angle panorama of collapse, in pandemic ghost cities, aeries of inconceivable wealth, entirely artificial realities inhabited by the masses and messianic mad science unfolding out of sight. [...] My mind reels at where this ongoing trilogy can expand to next, but Singh has, terrifyingly, miraculously, prepared the space.'

    Adam McGovern - editor, HiLobrow/writer, Nightworld



    'Dakini Atoll is bigger, weirder and more ambitious than Club Ded. A story about the intricate weaving of media, technology, religion, and some of the rawest, bleeding edges of humanity all delivered in gunfire prose... it's propulsive and mesmerising and wild and unique, as only Nikhil can consistently deliver. If you like your SF bold and unusual and imaginative, you'll enjoy this.'

    Wole Talabi - Shigidi and Incomplete Solutions writer, Hugo & Nebula finalist

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