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RELEASE DATE 30 April 2024

Cover Art by Kashima


As the nineteenth century draws toward its close, King Ludwig II of Bavaria binge-watches television to escape his reality, side-lined by his own advisers. His one wish is to meet Wagner, the mysterious composer pumping out new music and scores of remixes every day. 


He sets out, alone and in disguise, to find Wagner in the maze-like subterranean city that sprawls deep beneath Munich. 


Meanwhile, Karl, a rookie musician hired by Wagner in the underground world, is shocked to be chosen as the lead singer for the Swan Knight TV music drama. 


But even in the depths of the earth, the insidious shadow of political intrigue lurks. Who is Wagner, the man behind the myth? And what ultimate destiny awaits  Ludwig and Karl?

Swan Knight

SKU: 978-1-915556-35-6
  • "Swan Knight is a comedy of errors fully joked to the twist. Solid characterisation in the multifaceted plot unravels with much levity. Fascinating secondary characters abound...A charming novella shrewdly foreshadowed to the tiniest atom with keys to a bigger truth."

    Aurealis 168

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