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Release Date 8 March 2024

Revised and expanded second edition.

Includes the bonus short story "As We That Are Left Grow Old"


Finalist for the

British Fantasy Society Best Fantasy Novel (the Robert Holdstock Award)

British Fantasy Society Best Newcomer (the Sydney J Bounds Award)

British Science Fiction Association Best Novel Award


Toni, the American owner of a failing gallery, is unexpectedly called to Hertfordshire when she inherits a manor house from a mysterious lost relative. 


What she really needs is something valuable to sell to save her business.


But, leaving the New Mexico desert behind, all she finds are a crumbling building, overgrown gardens, and a vast archive in need of cataloguing. 


Soon she is immersed in the history of the house: the gardens that seem to change in the twilight; the ghost of a fighter plane from World War two; the figures she sees from the corner of her eye. She must ask herself, what if her heritage has carried lives across centuries.

Threading the Labyrinth

SKU: 978-1-915556-39-4
  • Full of sensual mystery, strange dreams, and haunting and peculiar magic. A beautiful debut.

    Alison Littlewood, author of The Hidden People and A Cold Season


    Threading the Labyrinth takes us backwards and forwards through the centuries, telling the story of an English manor house, the people

    who have loved and cared for it-and the mysterious garden that lies at its heart. In this lush and vibrant novel, Tiffani Angus deploys her

    considerable knowledge lightly, guiding us skilfully and hauntingly through the beautiful maze of her richly imagined story.

    Una McCormack, author of Picard, The Autobiography of Kathryn Janeway and many more.


    Tiffani Angus has achieved a masterwork of mystery. Angus' changeling tale, woven throughout, creates the perfect air of supernatural mystery,

    which is enhanced by her refusal to reveal the truth. We are allowed only hints and second hand, sometimes even third-hand, whisperings. In fact the entire novel thrives on myth, rumour and gossip in the most delightful way.

    British Fantasy Society


    An excellent debut novel.

    SF Crows Nest


    It's rich and vivid, full of characters who feel rounded and real.

    Simon Guerrier, author Doctor Who, Primeval and Being Human


    The garden [is] more than beautiful; they delight themselves in the naming of the flowers, of the orchards and the apparitions. Fat bees, the cold hard ground in winter, all the seasons enclosed between its walls, all the times since the garden was born, they whisper to us through Tiffani's words.



    The story of the decay and subsequent rebirth of a garden, mirrored in the people who care for it. It's a romance, a fairytale, and a horror story all wrapped into one.

    Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine


    An accomplished debut and a storyteller who I will be looking forward to future tales from. A perfect summertime read awaits you!

    Runalong the Shelves


    Threading The Labyrinth is at once a romance of England and a gorgeously layered story of ghosts through the centuries. It is a remarkable debut novel from an author whose work I look forward to reading more of.

    The Furious Consortium


    If you enjoyed books like Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, or The Golden Key, then there's a good chance that you'll like this one too.

    Salon Futura

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