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Release Date 8 February 2022 

Shortlisted for the 2022 Aurealis Awards for Best Fantasy Novella


When Zo’s campervan leaves her stranded in an unfamiliar part of Sydney, she impulsively decides to stay at a bed and breakfast while repairs are being made.

As the days stretch into weeks, Zo begins to feel stuck. There are signs the house is not quite as it seems. The place shifts between decay and normality and at times she senses ghostly presences and echoes of other lives.

Something, or someone, is keeping her there. Zo knows that she must find a way to leave before she too becomes only an echo.


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SKU: 978-1-913387-79-2
  • "Hovering is not a tale that gives the reader any firm answers but one that I applaud it for its ability to gently push the reader off the edge of our comfort zone and ask us to trust that the story will take us like Zo to where we need to go. Imaginative, lyrical, and haunting for a lost world we ay never see again I think its well worth a reader’s time. You may consider while reading how travel broadens the mind or allows us to be slightly different people during and after an adventure. Well worth your time!" Run Along The Shelves 


    "Haunting and provocative." Aurealis 152

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