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Release Date 19/02/2021

Luna Novella Series #1


John's eyes were manufactured with the purpose of providing sight to those who have lost it. 


Equipped with the ability to learn, the eyes develop a sense of responsibility for ensuring John's happiness. John's eyes strive to please and, with the power to enhance everything he sees, they soon realise that they are also able to manipulate what he sees. 


With a skewed sense of emotional intelligence, combined with unquestioning loyalty to their master, the actions of John's eyes lead to devastating consequences.


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John's Eyes

SKU: 978-1-913387-43-3
  • "The end it’s an interesting look at how the agendas of humans and their intelligent assistants may not be quite the same. John’s Eyes is Joanna Corrance’s debut novel, and [...] it ends on a note that would make it perfect as an episode of Dark Mirror." Amazing Stories


    "This is a short but strikingly effective novella crossing science fiction and horror with ease. Really powerful and disturbing. It would not be out of place in a season of Black Mirror. Highly accomplished and an author I will definitely be watching for more tales with interest. Highly recommended!"  Runalong The Shelves

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