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Out 7th of May 2019


With Murmured in Dreams Stephen Bacon takes us everywhere. Science fiction, the supernatural, the mythic and the horrific collide with both a future Britain and that of the not-so-distant past, with the quiet breezes of a Greek island and with war-ravaged Rwanda and Chad.” Priya Sharma


Stephen Bacon has a keen instinct for the horror of the ordinary, his prose is considered, his voice distinct. But what also distinguishes his fiction is the ability to startle readers; to instigate the re-reading of sentences to make certain that something that disturbing was actually intended. Bacon prods with pins.” Adam Nevill author of ‘The Ritual’ and ‘Some Will Not Sleep’


Stephen Bacon is a born writer who cares deeply about story and the way it is delivered. This intoxicating collection – an object lesson in tension, subtlety and power – is littered with broken, beautiful characters operating within the uncertain margins of society and sanity. It is a book fully deserving of a wide audience.” Conrad Williams author of ‘One’ and ‘I Will Surround You’

Murmured in Dreams

SKU: 9781911143734

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